Est. July 2018

In July 2018, Nate and Megan Gagon purchased the business assets of Audio West and re-branded the business as The Rise. The Rise is a place of optimism and inclusion, with a passion for people, music and art that is matched only by its obsession with professionalism and service. At The Rise we strive to surpass the expectations of our customers and guests in every interaction, transaction, service and experience we provide.

The Rise’s 3,100 square-foot facility consists of two main components: an events venue and a music/audio recording studio. The venue utilizes about half of the overall space and is used primarily for a wide variety of self-produced public events, though it is also available for other groups to rent when not in use. The recording studio uses high-end gear, includes two isolation booths and offers a large selection of professional software choices and other tools for recording, producing, editing, mixing, mastering, etc. The Rise also includes a “flex” room that can be used as a backstage/greenroom area during shows as well as for rehearsals, lessons, meetings, and a number of other things. Up front, The Rise has a lobby, ticket/concessions booth, marketing area and restrooms.

From 2014-2017 the venue was known as Audio West, having been founded by one of Utah’s premier audio engineers, David Devaney. For a brief time from the fall of 2017 until the Gagons purchased it in July 2018, Audio West was under different management as David Devaney had planned to move back to his home state of California. David, however, decided to stick around after Nate and Megan purchased the business and now works with The Rise as operations manager, lead engineer and a booking agent.

In addition to events, recording services and space rentals, The Rise also operates a multimedia department that can handle: songwriting, music arrangements, video production/editing, photography production/editing, website development, graphic design, talent management, event planning and more.

In general, The Rise is just getting started. Exciting things will be happening and getting announced regularly. This website is also a work in progress.


In addition to being an owner, Nate Gagon serves as CEO and general manager of The Rise, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the business. Nate’s background both in music and in business has prepared him for this new opportunity. On the creative side, Nate wrote book and script for an original pop musical titled¬†A Father’s Day¬†, which debuted in 2015 with a single large performance at Cottonwood High School. Nate also directed and produced a run for the show in 2017 with four shows performed at Summit Academy, and the musical is now being made into a film. Beginning in 2005 with release of the album “Moments of Your Life,” Nate has contributed to several albums and projects as a songwriter, producer, musician, singer and engineer…

This page (and the whole website) is in progress and will be updated regularly in the coming days and weeks.