As part of our ongoing communication and cooperation with Orem City and the state of Utah, we received the following email on November 10, 2020.

In keeping with this guidance, we will be limiting capacity to 100 (33% of normal) until further notice, in order to allow for social distancing between groups.

Masks will also continue to be required, as they have been since we reopened in July. No one will be let into the venue without wearing a mask, and anyone found not wearing one will be asked to leave. The only exception is for performers while on stage.

We will also have hand sanitizer widely available in the lobby, and will be sanitizing doorknobs and other common surfaces regulalry.

Noticeably absent from the city’s guidance was a requirement to take temperatures. We had previously determined that this was not an effective tool in limiting the spread of Covid because it is easy to mask a fever with common drugs and it forces people closer together during temperature checks. So, we will not be taking temperatures.

Anyone who is experiencing any symptoms possibly related to Covid, or to any other illness for that matter, should not attend events. We also recommend that those who may have underlying conditions that might make a Covid infection more severe do not attend our shows or other public events at this time. While we can and will take all reasonable and required steps to limit the spread of Covid at our events, we cannot guarantee that the virus will not spread if an infected person attends. For more information about Covid-19 symptoms and other related matters, please visit: