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Artist Development Program Options

Please select the services and quantities below that you would like to include in your package. Click on an image to change the quantity for that service. The slider will keep track of your total as you go. The slider does not factor in discounts, those will be factored at the time of your purchase. To make the program affordable for all, we will allow clients to pay monthly for the duration of their program if desired. For every $2,500 of value you add to your program you will get a 5% discount, up to 25% off. You can also save 5% by paying the full value of your program up front.

Recording Studio Hours : $50

Recording your music will be a core part of the program for most artists. If you are not already tied to a music release schedule, we recommend perfecting and recording 1 song per month. Generally, 8 hours of studio time per song is a reasonable average to plan on. Members of our artist development program get to work at our studio with David Devaney, one of Utah's very best audio engineers, for 33% off his normal rate. For details on The Rise recording studio, see:

Milestone Shows : $500

We highly recommend making these a core part of your program (one every 3 months for a year is ideal). These are shows you perform at The Rise that we use to measure and report every area of your progress, especially the analytics of your fan base, the strength of your brand/fan connections, and the quality of your live performance. These can be solo shows or they can be team-ups with up to 3 other artists in the program (provides a chance to perform for other fan bases). We provide full staffing and support for the shows and we split the ticket profits 50/50 with the artists. Our venue capacity is 300 and generally we anticipate tickets for Milestone Shows to be $7 to $9.

Branding Consulting Hours : $50

There is a night and day difference when an artist or band has a clear sense of identity, message, style, and purpose. We will help you define these things so that you can connect with potential fans effectively. People won’t believe in what you’re selling if you don’t, and you can’t believe in it if you don’t know what it is. Getting your branding in order and on point is critical to your success.

Marketing Consulting Hours : $50

Even if your music and branding is fantastic, your success will be limited if nobody knows about it. And that’s where marketing comes in. We will make sure you know the platforms, tools, and techniques that are likely to bring you the best return on your marketing efforts and investments.

Music Consulting Hours : $50

Music consulting hours are spent listening to your music and providing a written report with analysis, feedback, and suggestions. Depending on the hours available, the analysis may be a general overview of your strengths and weaknesses in different areas (songwriting, musicianship, vocals, etc.), or it may get very detailed diving into specific suggestions on individual songs. It all just depends on how deep you want us to go.

Music Production Hours : $50

If you include music production hours in your package, that means that an expert in your genre (more than 1 if needed) will help co-create your music with you. This could include helping with songwriting (melody and lyrics), arranging (the use instruments and beats in your music), or both. Sometimes this can happen as part of the studio recording process, or other times in specific writing or production sessions. We can offer suggestions, but ultimately it will be up to you how you want to spend your music production hours.

Live Show Choreography/Presentation Hours : $50

If you're serious about your music career, you don't want to leave anything in your live show to chance. You don’t want to “hope” you’ll come up with something cool to do as you perform, you want to “know” that it’s going to be great because you planned and practiced it that way. We can bring in experts who specialize in live show choreography to help you do just that.

Graphic Design/Production Hours : $50

We have affiliations with excellent graphic designers who can create professional logos, posters, t-shirts, album art, website graphics, etc.

Website Development/Management Hours : $50

We can help you create and/or manage a website as simple or as complex as you want. A custom website is still as important as ever, even with social media, streaming, tour sites, etc. It's the one piece of digital real estate that you can make truly your own. A good website makes a big impression.

Multimedia Work Hours : $50

Experts agree that music videos are crucial and can help set you apart from the pack ( We can help with every stage of your video or photography, whether that's in planning, production, editing, publishing, or all of the above.

Music Video (In Studio / Venue) : $500

Music video of one song in venue location. Can combine studio, venue, live show, B-roll footage into the video.

Music Video (1 location + Venue) : $1,000

Music video of one song shot at one outside location plus can include footage at venue, studio, and B-roll. Note: may be additional costs depending on location. (Example Video:

Music Video (Premium) : $2,000

Music video of one song featuring up to 2 outside locations plus studio/venue/B-roll. Also includes up to 2 featured actors. Other add-ons available.

Written Content Creation Hours (press releases, emails, social posts, articles, etc.) : $50

It’s no wonder most professional brands (let alone independent musicians) fail at marketing. Even if you have perfectly defined your brand and know all the current best tools and techniques, you still must be able to create effective written content. We have the team to help.

Account Creation/Management Hours : $50

If you’re in a position where you can hire someone to manage your accounts for you (social, music, booking, etc.) we can assign a dedicated account manager to handle setting up and maintaining all that stuff for you.

Skill Training Hours (voice, instrument, tech, etc) : $50

We have connections with the best vocal, instrument, music tech, and music theory teachers in Utah. Prices may vary depending on the teacher(s) selected prior to final purchase.

Multi-Source Advanced Song Critique (3 sources per song) : $150

For an in-depth single-song critique we will send your song out to 3 separate industry contacts who will each provide detailed feedback on your song. We will then help identify common themes in their feedback and discuss ideas for potentially strengthening the song based on the expert feedback, our thoughts, and your own creative vision and desires.

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