Booking Application for The Rise

If you’re interested in booking an event with The Rise, please fill out the form below to tell us about what you have in mind.

Your personal name, not business or performing act name
Your preferred email for communications
The best phone number for communications
Choose which option best describes your role in the proposed event
Describe your proposed event in as much detail as possible
Describe your promotional plan in as much detail as possible
If possible, when would you like your event to happen?
*** We can rent commercial-grade folding chairs for $1 each
*** We can create a professional event poster for you for $50 if needed
Where can we get information and media to include on the campaign page?

Rates at a Glance

  • Basic access to the venue space (includes access to the “Green Room” behind the stage, and an event manager from The Rise will either be present or “on-call” within 10 minutes of the facility, depending on the situation):
    • Friday / Saturday nights: $150/hour (3-hour minimum)
    • All other times: $100/hour
  • Audio/video services (includes a professional audio engineer and access to the sound system): $40/hour
  • Box office services (includes access to the lobby, one cashier, utilization of our Square POS system, ability for guests to purchase our concessions, and access to the box office or lobby space to sell your own merch/concessions): $25/hour
  • Utilization of the venue projector (generally the audio engineer can also manage the projector transitions): $10/hour
  • Other (if needed):
    • Support staff (assistant engineer, assistant cashier, assistant event manager, etc.): $20/hour each
    • Security personnel: $30/hour each
    • Chair rentals: Starting at $1 per chair
    • Table rentals: Starting at $6 per table