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Gone are the days when it made sense to go out and play as many shows as possible in the hopes of gaining new fans. The venues for music discovery are now places like YouTube and Spotify. Nowadays, a live show should be a special occasion for fans, like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It should be a big deal, an event, an experience. It’s a time to celebrate the release of new music, unveil some new merch, tell a story, interact with fans in person, take pictures with people, give exclusive insight into the creative process, etc. Scarcity increases value. Valentine’s Day is special because it’s once a year. If it were every Friday it would become extremely cheapened — probably even annoying. Live shows work the same way. They should provide fans an opportunity to consolidate and rally around you, to generate excitement and buzz about your music, to invite their family and friends to. And the reality is … doing live shows in the same market more than a couple times a year cheapens it. By doing fewer events, and making them as big as possible, you will very likely make more money and get more new local fans than if you did 40 shows a year all around the state.

About Event Campaigns

 The Rise’s Innovative Modern Approach to Maximizing Events

The Rise Event Campaigns are designed to consolidate and rally your fans or customers around your artistry, brand, cause, or business, and make your events as impactful, exciting and successful as possible. It also allows demand to be proven before an event is committed to, which is incredibly valuable for all involved and opens many doors for event maximization. Please read on to see how an Event Campaign at The Rise can help you reach your goals.

How It Works

How It Works


The Rise’s 3,100 square-foot facility consists of two main components: a 300-capacity events venue and a two-room recording studio (these rooms are often used as greenrooms, VIP lounges, or storage areas during events). The venue utilizes about half of the overall space and is used primarily for a wide variety of self-produced public events. It is also available for other groups to rent when not in use. The venue includes a great house PA system, three stage monitors, versatile DMX lighting, a pro digital mixing board, a projector and backdrop screen, a wide variety of mics, and ample channel inputs. The entire facility was designed by audio professionals and is also acoustically treated for premium sound. With our setup, we can even get professional multi-track recordings of live shows with ease.

The majority of our events are concerts and dance parties, but we have also hosted and produced theatre productions, comedy shows, business parties, movie premiers, video game tournaments, expos, seminars, motivational speakers, wedding receptions, family parties, and many other types of events. We also love partnering with charitable organizations to help raise money for good causes.

Please Note: Event Campaigns are designed for events that hope to sell as many tickets as possible to the public. For other types of events, a venue rental is appropriate. Rentals can be requested using the same booking form as Event Campaigns.


Fill out the Event Campaign Request Form to give us all the details of your desired event. We’ll soon get in touch with you with any questions we have and to review the event plan. During this process we decide together how to promote the event visually on the campaign page with a show poster, and other visuals and information. Once we have the visuals and details we need, it normally takes 1-2 hours to get a campaign published and active on the website. Starting out, Event Campaigns are given a “Target Date” (more on that in point #4 below).


Just like you would with a Kickstarter campaign, start promoting the campaign through every available avenue. From the campaign page, people can pledge pre-orders. We gather their payment information at the time of the pre-order, but the customers are not actually charged until the event reaches the minimum threshold of 25 ticket sales. The Rise will add a link to the campaign on its homepage, including a progress bar that shows the current percentage the campaign is at relative to hitting the 25-pre-order minimum. Get creative with promotions. For example, it may be a good strategy to offer a free autograph or pre-event photo-op to the first 50 customers who pledge for pre-orders.


Starting out, we will give your event a “Target Date” which is essentially a tentative date for the event. As long as the event hits at least 25 pre-orders by 30 days prior to the target date (or within the first week if the target date is less than 30 days in the future), then that date becomes solidified on our calendar. If the event does not reach the minimum amount of pre-orders in time the target date may be pushed back, the deadline may be extended, or the event may be better-suited as a rental.


Your event hitting the minimum threshold for pre-orders is just the beginning! Once that point is reached you will have significant momentum for the event and can know that a certain level of success is already guaranteed. Now it’s time to blow it up and reach the highest event level possible for maximum revenue, add-on benefits and impact. After the minimum level of 25 sales, there are 6 event levels that the campaign can reach: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Blue, and Rise. Each of the levels is detailed in a later section of this webpage.


The Rise will work with you on every detail every step of the way to make sure your event is as fantastic and impactful as possible. We’ll coordinate with sponsors, handle logistics, and make sure the facility is ready to shine for you. Within 3 business days we will pay out your profit share with a full accounting of the event’s finances.


Event Levels

Please Note: Events involving out-of-state performing acts traveling to Utah are handled differently due to travel costs and other considerations.


  • 50 ticket sales
  • 25% profit split


  • 100 ticket sales
  • Considered a sell-out for seated shows
  • 30% profit split
  • Bronze sponsor
  • $100 credit for recording studio or venue rental


  • 150 ticket sales
  • 35% profit split
  • Silver sponsor
  • VIP Artists Lounge with catering
  • $200 credit for recording studio or venue rental
  • Free audio recording of the event (if applicable)


  • 200 ticket sales
  • 40% profit split
  • Gold sponsor
  • VIP Artists Lounge with catering
  • $300 credit for recording studio or venue rental
  • Free audio recording of the event (if applicable)
  • Large indoor banner for event hung in lobby


  • 250 ticket sales
  • Considered a sell-out for most event types, although our official capacity is 300
  • 50% profit split
  • Platinum sponsor
  • VIP Artists Lounge with catering
  • $500 credit for recording studio or venue rental
  • Large indoor banner for event hung in lobby
  • Large outdoor banner for event hung on pillar outside the venue
  • Free video and audio recording of the event (if applicable)